Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory    



Our research focuses at the interaction of mechanics (solid, fluid, thermal), materials, and manufacturing.  Our scientific investigation has been carried out experimentally, theoretically, and numerically.  Detailed characterizations of material responses to processing are an integral part of our endeavor.  Our effort has been focused on (1) advanced laser materials processing and (2) advance robotic health care.

Advanced Laser Materials Processing Area


Renewable Energy: Laser Assisted Processing of Composite Materials and Solar Cells


Laser Joining of Dissimilar Metals and Transparent Dielectrics


Ultrafast Laser Processing of Dielectrics and Semiconductors


Microstructural Modification of NiTi Shape Memory Alloys and Biodegradable Polymers


Laser Micromachining and Laser Ablative Cleaning


Micro-scale Laser Shock Peening (micro-LSP) and Micro-scale Laser Peen Forming (micro-LPF)


Laser Forming and Laser Correction of Distortions




Advanced Robotic Health Care Area


Automated Robotically-Based High-Throughput Radiation Biodosimetry (with the Center of Radiological Research, Columbia University Medical Center)


Robotic Preparation of cDNA from Single Cells: (with St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York).