Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory    






Coherent COMPex Pro 205 Excimer Laser


KrF, Wavelength: 248nm, Pulse duration:30ns

Rep rate: 50Hz, Max pulse energy: 700mJ



Left:  Laser cavity


Right:  Beam delivery system sync with 2-D motion stage. Homogenization and mask-projection system








SPI redEnergy G4 Fiber Laser


Wavelength:1064nm, Pulse duration: 41ns

Max CW Power: 20W, Max Pulse Energy: 0.60mJ


Left: Laser cavity


Right: Fiber Delivery System

Objective lens processing, 2-D motion stage sync with laser






ESI Model 3572 Nd:YAG laser


Tunable wavelengths: 1064/355nm, Pulse duration: 50ns

Max rep rate: 1kHz, Q-switched

Max Power @ 1064nm CW 5.25W

Max Energy @ 355nm pulsed 0.42mJ 


Left: Laser cavity


Right: Beam Delivery System:

Beam expander, Objective lens processing

2-D motion stage synced with laser







Spectra-Physics Hurricane System

Ti:Sapphire femtosecond laser


Wavelength: 800nm, Pulse duration:130fs

Rep rate: 1kHz, Max pulse energy: 0.5mJ


Left: Regenerative amplifier system


Right" Beam Delivery System, 40X objective lens processing

Videoing system for focus calibration




PRC SL-1500 CO2 Laser



Power: 3500W @ CW, 10kW @ Pulsed


Left: Laser cavity


Right: X-Y Linear Motion Table, Beam Delivery System

Lens protection gas

















Continuum NY61 Laser

Wavelength:  1064 nm
Max Rep Rate:  20 Hz
Pulse Duration:  17 ns
Max Pulse Energy:  320 mJ





GSI Lumonics JK-2000

 Nd:YAG Laser


Wavelength:1064nm, Max Power: 2kW  

Operating mode: CW/chopped, Min beam diameter: 0.8mm


Left: Laser cavity


Right: Fiber beam delivery system

Synced with Staubli robotic arm





Staubli RX-130 Robot



Resolution: 0.1mm

Sync with JK-2000 Nd:YAG laser



Olympus BX-60

Optical Microscopy


Specs: Ref./Tran Mode

Max magnification: 100X

MPlan/UPlan/MplanAPo lens

Differential interference contrast(DIC)

Hamamatsu C8484-05G Digital Camera

Olympus DP10 Color Digital Camera




















ThermoImager TIM 160

Measuring ranges -20 - 100C, 0 - 250 C, 150 - 900 C

Optical resolution 160 x 120 pixels

Spectral range 7.6 - 13μ

Exchangeable lenses 23,48





Personal CNC Mill


5140RPM 1.5HP R8 Spindle

sensorless vector control  

exclusive foldback logic


Carbolite CTF-12/65/550

Tube Furnace


Max Temp: 1200˚C

Max rate: 5 ˚C/min

Vacuuming system







Additional equipment accessible in the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC):

Transmission Electron Microscope




Scintag X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD)



X-Ray Photoelectron Microscope (XPS)




Woollam Ellipsometer


Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscope (FTIR)




Hitachi S-4700 SEM