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Welcome to the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory!

Here we focus on the scientific investigation of advanced manufacturing processes to improve quality and productivity in industry, as well as advanced robotic techniques for industrial and health care applications.  Much of our work accomplishes this via laser technologies.

Recent Publications

Beneficial Interface Geometry for Laser Joining of NiTi to Stainless Steel Wires (2013).  G. Brandal, G. Satoh, Y.L. Yao, S. Naveed

By using a cup and cone geometry at the interface, the tensile strength of laser joined nickel titanium and stainless steel wires can be increased.  Precise heat input is necessary in order to prevent the formation of brittle intermetallic phases.






Laser Joining of Continuous Glass Fiber Composite Preforms (2013).  H. Tan, Y.L. Yao

A two step laser process is developed to form fusion bonds between fibers within a single bundle and between adjacent fiber bundles. Coupled heat transfer and viscous flow modeling is carried out to investigate the temperature and dynamics of the joining process under three experimentally observed conditions.





Effect of hydrogen on surface texturing and crystallization of a-S:H thin film irradiated by excimer laser (2012).  H. Wang, F. Lusquinos, Y.L. Yao

Excimer laser processing of amorphous silicon thin films produces micron size spikes formation on its surface, and simultaneous crystallization occurs in a one-step process. Optical absorption is enhanced by light trapping via multiple reflections through the surface geometry changes, and partial crystallization may increase the overall stability.





Recent News


Panjawat  Kongsuwan (known as PK) successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on May 7, 2014.  His dissertation is entitled “Laser Induced Modification and Integration of Glasses.”  He invited everyone from AML to a delicious Thai lunch on May 9 to help him celebrate and thank everyone for their help and friendship during his PhD candidacy (5/7/2014).


Profs. Changjun Chen and Min Zhang, Visiting Scholars from Laser Processing Research Center of Soochow University, China, have submitted two abstracts to ICALEO ’14 (International Congress on Applications of Lasers and Electro-optics).  The titles are “Effects of Laser Radiation on the Wetting and Diffusion characteristics of Kovar Alloy on Borosilicate Glass,” and “Experimental and numerical investigation of laser forming of closed-cell aluminum foam,” respectively (4/30/2014).


Prof. Yao and Dakai Bian participated in the annual retreat of Columbia University Center for High-Throughput Minimally-Invasive Radiation Biodosimetry” held April 24-25, 2014.  Prof. Yao was invited to give a presentation on “Overview of robotics in biomedicine.”  They are part of the NIH-funded team working on robotized biodosimetry, led by Prof. David Brenner of Columbia University Medical Center (4/25/2014).


Jenny Ardelean and Dakai Bian started their PhD study with AML in January 2014, after successfully completing their MS studies by Fall 2013.  Jenny has been working on laser scribing of solar cells and Dakai on inter-laminar toughening of composites (1/21/2014)


Prof. Yao attended the editors' meeting at IMECE ’13 (International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exhibition) held in San Diago during November 15 to 21.  The editors of the 26 ASME transactions exchanged views and discussed steps moving forward.  Prof. Yao currently serves as the Editor, ASME Transactions, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering (11/15/2013).



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