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Here we focus on the scientific investigation of advanced manufacturing processes to improve quality and productivity in industry, as well as advanced robotic techniques for industrial and health care applications.  Much of our work accomplishes this via laser technologies.

Recent Publications

Stress corrosion cracking is a phenomenon that can lead to sudden and catastrophic material failure, when exposed to an applied stress and a corrosive environment.  We show that the use of laser shock peening can improve materials' resistance to such failure, and discuss the reasons why this mitigation occurs.





Effect of Deep Penetration of Interleaf on Delamination Resistance in GFRP (2016). D. Bian, T. Bucher, D.J. Shim, M. Jones, Y.L. Yao

A hot-melt bonding process is developed to bond glass fabric laminates and the thermoplastic polysulfone interleaf prior to the vacuum assisted resin transfer molding. With deep penetration of the interleaf into the fiber bundles, cracks arrested within penetration region improve the toughness by avoiding the cracks to reach the weak interface between interleaf and epoxy.




Effect of Geometrical Modeling on Prediction of Laser-Induced Heat Transfer in Metal Foam (2016).  T. Bucher, C. Bolger, M. Zhang, C.J. Chen, Y.L. Yao

The heat transfer aspects of laser forming of closed-cell aluminum foam are analyzed both experimentally (using an IR camera) and numerically (using 3 models with different geometrical accuracies). The efforts in this paper mark the first step towards a precise prediction of the geometrical and associate mechanical properties of laser-formed aluminum foam.






Recent News


Welcome Shuyang Fang to join our group. His undergraduate school is Huazhong University of Science and Technology as an undergraduate student, and he majored in Mechanical Engineering. He spent his senior year in University of California, Riverside as an exchange student.

Doctoral student, Tizian Bucher, and Prof. Yao attended MSEC/NAMRC Conference in Blacksburg, VT June 27 to 30, 2016.  Tizian presented a paper “Effect of Geometrical Modeling on Prediction of Laser-Induced Heat Transfer in Metal Foam,” which won a Best Paper award of NAMRC 2016. Prof. Yao presented a paper “Platform-Dependent Liquid Handling in High-Throughput Biodosimetry Tool,” which is based on a collaborative project with Columbia University Medical Center.  Prof. Yao has also attended a few committee meetings at the conference.

Three REU students, Adelaide Young, Vincent Zhang, and Brad Beeksma, started their 8-week summer research with AML on June 6, 2016.  REU stands for Research Experience for Undergraduates, which is funded by National Science Foundation.  Each of them is involved in an active research project going on in the AML.

Doctoral student, Tizian Bucher, got married in Lucerne, Switzerland on May 21, 2016. We are happy and excited for you, Tizian!

Prof. Yao attended a two-day panel at National Science Foundation February 11 to 12, 2016.  It was organized by the Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems to evaluate proposals in the areas of Energy for Sustainability and Thin Film Photovoltaics in particular.

Prof. Yao was invited to attend a series of events at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) December 18 to 19, 2015.  The events were SJTU inaugural faculty tenure evaluation meeting, the opening of SJTU Intelligent Manufacturing Institute and Innovation Center, and International Intelligent Manufacturing Workshop.  About 20 experts from overseas and 20 experts from SJTU attended the events. 



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